Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers





  Innovative and experiment (Views of principal KV Khandwa)

Necessity is the mother of invention and creativity is the mother of innovation. Innovation means to use new techniques/ new methods so that learning becomes easier.

In Mathematics we use analytic method, synthetic method, interaction method, problem solving aopproach, activity method etc. When we construct the knowledge with the help of out students by asking relevant questions based on students previous knowledge then lesson can be developed step by step and writing procedure  on black board in a summarised manner. For example

1. Volume of Sphere = 4/3 ∏ R 3


1/3 Area of base *Height



In case of sphere
4  ∏ R 2 = (A1 +A2+………. + An )
Consider sphere is composed of n pyramids of height R
Hence Volume of Sphere             = 1/3 (A1 +A2+………. + An )* H
                = 1/3 *4 ∏ R 2*R 
=4/3 ∏ R 3




Innovation and Experimentation

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Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realized or not

Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.


Healthy Habits ( Healthy Habit : Questionnaire was given to each parent of the child to tick mark. If the student has done the activity. After one month it was collected from the parents )

 All Primary Classes

Students has improved their habits


 Sh. Rishi Kumar, Principal


 School Environment

 For all classes

To develop belongingness among the children. Awareness about Club Activities & CCE.

 Students take part in club activities & self discipline is developed.

 Sh. Rishi Kumar, Principal



Class X

Discuss topics with the chalk & Board. Then revision was given with the help of Power Point Presentation.

Students are learning Mathematics with keen interest.

Ms. S.Saifee, TGT(Maths)


ThinkQuest Activity

All Students from Class III to XII

Projects like Benefits of Internet at Global Stage

Yes, Student has created their own pages and They interact among students of all K.V.s

Sh. Virendra Singh Sisodia  PGT(C.S.)

                                                                     Brief of the innovative project



Class IV ‘B’ (English)                                                                                                      By-            Shalini Sharma  (PRT)
(I)                 Topic :- Incorporation of Methodology of FA 2 (oral responses, Group activity, drilling, Activities etc.) in teaching concept of SA-1 so as to improve grades achievement.
(II)                Objective:- To improve grade achievement of medico and slow learners.
(III)             Genesis:- it was observed that students secured better grades in FA 2 than FA 1 or SA 1.
(IV)             Reason:- The reason being the nature of the Assessment of FA-2 was more of activity and oral response based. Most of the children are in the state where they can express better orally and in activities better then in written (SA I or FA I).
This ability is exploited to concertize and construct the knowledge and upgrade them.
(V)               Limitation / Problem: Teaching everything by the aforesaid methodology demands lot of planning and extra teaching period. It is an additional H W for already overworked teachers.
                     But the zeal and determination of the willing teachers and help in finding a way out.
     (IV)        Target group :- Class IV B was selected because this class was taught EVS by me. In the session 2012-13 While doing so, I stress a lot to improve their poor reading skills(action research on reading was also started then).
(VI)             Phases and results thereof:-
1 FA I àTraditional rote methodology of teaching
              Result:- A+ à 13; Aà 9; Bà10; Cà5; Dà3.
2 FA II à As per the norms and guidelines of CBSE and KVS, teaching methodology was adopted.
              Result:- A+ à 10; Aà 27; Bà3; Cà0; Dà0.
3 SA I àIncorporation of FA 2 methodology for SA I especially during revision 
              Result:- A+ à 13; Aà 14; Bà9; Cà4; Dà0.
 (VII)           Conclusion :- There was decline in grade of D, C ,B seen , though A+ remained same. Thus bright ones were able to maintained themselves irrespective of any methodology followed. The mediocre and slow learners (the target group)showed grade improvement.
                       Hence, this satisfies the objective (Point II) which was to improve grades of the mediocre and slow learner.